I’m glad you didn’t

Remember that night
You soaked your pillow
With tears then gazed at
That bottle of expired pills.

Remember that day you had
Given up all hope, you were lost in despair and you looked for a rope and a chair.

You tried to bleed yourself dry from the wrist, as if blood were tears.
You were sick and tired of
You were done being their toy so you grabbed that gun with a fist full of lost dreams.

I’m sure you remember being curled up in the corner, trying to keep it together.
I’m sure you remember looking down from the top floor, wishing you could fly…

Do you remember?
Well Im glad you threw away those pills.
Im glad you sat down and started untangling your problems instead.

Cause if you didn’t, we wouldn’t have met. So, I’m glad you didn’t…


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