Sleep walking

I almost forgot that life is a dream.
I’ve been sleep walking getting lost in the bigger scheme.
Two seconds away before I scream. I woke up.

Sleep walking
Nonsense talking
Trouble stalking, me.
Dreams into reality checks.
I broke the matrix.
Someone needs to update this,
While I’m upgrading:
To a higher plane.
I won the game, yet I just started playing.
I’m just saying.
No I’m proclaiming.

Outta the sheets,
Hit the streets
Climb wallstreet.
No defeat, no surrender.
I’m no longer the pretender,
with his eyes closed, pride low, walk slow.
Now here I go.
Feet off the ground.

Now I’m the contender.
Remember my face.
You will be bowing to it soon.
Remember my struggle, you called me a fool, but I didn’t answer your call.
Instead I dialed success, she told me to come around, then called me the best, the beast, the legend.

And that’s when it hit me: life is the dream!


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