You’re one in a million. No one out there in the world quite like you but not everyone understands that about themselves. I was a victim of self doubt.

It’s not always easy being you. People in your life pull you in multiple directions, preferring you to be a certain kind of way. Your Mom would like you gentle, your Dad would like you strong and your friends would like you crazy. Trying to keep up with the changing demands is almost impossible.

I thought it would be much easier to conform to the norm, but “fitting in” was not worth losing my true self. It was a journey to discover that.

Now I’ve decided to be comfortable in my own skin, to be the beautiful expression that I am, free from the chains of society and expectation. If people don’t like my true self, then that’s not my problem nor are those people I want in my life.

I understand that my character is flawed but its more rewarding to be my true flawed self than to be a perfect clone of society.


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