So convinced

Evernote RTE

Because I’m so convinced that I’m living my life the wrong way.
I keep focusing on the negatives, on the
how I should be doing it
how I could be doing it
how they were doing it
but never how I am doing it.
As if there was ever a wrong or right to it. We’re still trying to
put it all together.
This puzzle we’re piecing.
I’m always stressing and detesting this blessing
constantly looking over my shoulder waiting for the people
who’ve always been disagreeing with my every step to tell me
how wrong I am again.
I’ve been underestimating me, contemplating myself and second guessing I? I? I’ve been
stuck in this self-made illusion of defeat. Feeling like a lost cause
at every breath I take, Feeling like every move I make was a fatal mistake.
So poisoned in this: thought.
Forgive me if I fall.
Pardon my flawed character.
I apologize for my errors, to whoever I’m supposedly suppose to
apologize my being to.
Yes I was convinced that I’m not doing it right,
but let me do it
and let me be the judge of my ways.

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