How it`s going

Something I wrote a few years back before I knew I was a writer:

I walk in the mist of hundreds, I see you far ahead and tell myself to turn back but my pride won’t listen. I get closer to you and wish to say hi, but I suddenly can’t speak, a mime put a wall between us. Hello but I’m too scared to because see, I’ve never been that good with words. I fear that if I say anything, my words will only add on to the universe already between you and me, nothing for my solar system to revolve around, with you gone. I trip over my words, I guess I just never find the right ones at the right time. I pass you in silence, wishing I didn’t have to ignore you but not really wanting to attract your attention either, cause I’m afraid your look will kill me…from where we were to where we are, I guess thats life. I risked it all then lost it all. Unexpected, unpredictable and as thick as your glasses can be, unclear. So this is where we are ugh? I suppose nothing ventured, nothing gained, but what is gaining a loss?…at the end of the day, maybe I made the best mistake I ever made. Like Romeo and Juliet I think it was in the stars cause I know it was too late in the beginning…is this ultimately the end or the rebirth, I can’t say, but what I can say is, I still don’t have the right words…


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