I’ve been thinking

My mind’s been working,
My thoughts been turning
And my logic’s been busy.
It all makes sense if you don’t use

It’s kinda funny.
I realised that people only put you down, because they wanna feel better about themselves, not because you deserve it or anything.
Bullies hit you with fist, after fist, after fist, because they can’t punch their issues, so they reach for you, don’t get it twisted, you ain’t weak, they just ain’t strong enough to turn to their problems.

It’s crazy really.
People hate you, cause they got so much hate built up and stored within them, so they gotta direct it all and vent it all on you. Their gonna tell you, you’ll never make it and that dreams will only and always stay like that, dreams. But it’s not cause that’s the reality of things, no, it’s cause they don’t want to fail alone, misery loves company you see.

In other words what I’m saying is, the problem was never within you, but the solution is. Don’t take it personal, because it never is. You were never tattood ‘hate’ on your forehead, they just had a lot of ammunition and you happpened to walk by.

I know it doesn’t make the problem any less big, but it does make the solution that much smaller. The undeniable truth is, the problem is not within you, but the solution is. They only attack you, to feel better about themselves, so all the chics hated on, guys beaten up and people pushed down, they just tryina make they problem yours.


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