Words of a young man

Children are unquestionably the future.

I was taught to listen, which is why i find it hard to speak my part.

I was taught to obey, which is why it’s hard for me to rule the world, let alone myself.

I was taught to let fear make my decisions, which is why I am dominated by it.

I was taught that my imaginations aren’t real, which is why I realy can’t use my imagination to it’s full potential.

I was taught to give all my faith to someone else, which is why I barely have any in myself.

I was shown that there is a line, which is why I’m always trying to cross it.

I was taught how to give respect to others, but never how to gain respect from others.

I tried acting mature so I could chill with my big brother and cousin, but now I’m childish…maybe just so I can recall the feeling.

Worst of all, I was taught to judge, by bieng judged, therefore I judge and as much as I ask myself why I judge, I can never come to a justifieng answer.

For every action, there is a reaction.


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