To share a conversation

Communication is meant to be a two way thing, so unless you’re telling a very magical story of a little girl in a red hood with a basket, it’s no fun just being the listener with the occasional head nod.

So I’ve come to note, as of recent, that a large number of individuals either don’t know, or even possibly just don’t care, of the difference between talking to someone, and talking with someone to which there does exist a great degree of difference.

Perhaps it is my own communication skills that are in grave lack, but at times I find myself the victim of a conversation that doesn’t really include me. Subject to an individual who seems to have no real interest whatsoever in any feedback I would have, they will go on, and on, in this epic monologue, and it isn’t that I dislike chit-chat or anything; as a matter of fact I happen to enjoy a good conversation that leaves me feeling inspired, and excited, but some people simply disabuse me of the idea of engaging in conversation.

A conversation should have all parties concerned feeling involved, and participating. Maybe I stand alone in this, but I like to feel as though I’ve added something to the conversation; that my involvement in it was far more significant than if you had talked to a brick instead. A conversation is an activity to be enjoyed by all parties involved, not the subjugation of one individual to another’s rantings, and ravings, with the seldom “yes, totally” and the occasional head nod.

The sad thing is that these individuals tend to have interesting things to say – they really do – they’re just not that interested in what you have to say, which can leave one feeling well uninvolved, and well unappreciated, in the conversation. If you want to talk, you must be willing to listen, and then you would have talked with me, rather than to me.


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