Peaceful resolution

As a personal philosophy I believe in peaceful resolution, and calm approach, as the key to solving our conflicts, over violence and rage which only gets begets us more violence and rage.

What fruit do the seeds of anger bare us? Often, when met with conflict, we rush to rage, and violence, as a means of resolution, but how can peace be born of violence? If the law of karma is anything to go by, what you give is what you get, then violence will only get us more violence. We raise our voices in bloody rage, screaming and shouting at people, when met with conflict, and we go to war with sharpened weapons when struck a blow, but is this honestly the only means of resolution?

Many of us, having been a victim of violence in some manner or form, continually perpetuate this painful practice because as we’ve been hurt, so must we hurt others, attacking others as we’ve been attacked believing it to be the best, if not only natural, response. Sadly, trading blow for blow, we only find ourselves fighting amongst ourselves much of the time, yet do we want to fight, or are we simply seeking resolution? I doubt most of us would pick the former if given a choice, but we tend to feel that it is the only answer to attaining the latter, and yet is it? A fight guarantees casualties on both sides, with only the one side less the loser, whilst true resolution, if conducted in a manner of peace and calm, on the other hand, assures a mutual victory. Yes, it may call for some sacrifice on both sides, but surely it assures us better gains than blood shed.

Can we not put down our guns, and bombs, at the rise of every disagreement, and simply talk about it? Need every tiny matter be grossly unpleasant? I would think we greater than violence to let it rule us every time, and only to fail us every time. What were we to practice peace, patience, and diligence in handling matters? Violence only results in further violence, and so we find ourselves in a never ending cycle of violence, until we decide to break it ourselves and enact peaceful resolution.


3 thoughts on “Peaceful resolution

  1. There is no money in peace, war and violence instigators do it for personal gains from the confusion and delusion, things are not always what they appear to be young padawan. Rid of greed and desire and maybe then you get to the root of evil, but then again the heart and hand will always desire as long as the eye sees and the ear hears.

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