Well educated monkeys

The Epic vegan

In all it’s grandiose of purpose, the education system has come to fail us turning us into these well educated people capable of reproducing the most sophisticated of sciences, yet lack of the capacity to originate new thought.

Upon our initiation into the education system in the primary grades we were taught all of the fundamental basics to study, in what was to be the beginning of a lifetime of learning, or at least what should have been a lifetime of learning, where we were sadly sold short on the true purpose of learning. Yes we were taught the ABC’s, and the 123’s, but where did they come from, why are they arranged the way they are? In this completely authoritative manner we were taught all of these grand concepts, but never instilled with a sense of curiosity, or actual vested interest in the act of learning. We’re able to…

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One thought on “Well educated monkeys

  1. David Foenkinos est assurément l’un des auteurs français coimteporanns que j’ai le plus de plaisir à lire. J’ai aimé sa délicatesse, je vais me plonger avec délectation dans ses souvenirs.


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