Dear me, ten years from now

Perhaps impatience is a product of youth, running rapid, not yet skilled in age, not
quite used to the pace at which life evolves.

These days I find myself ruled by emotions of distress, and so I write this poem to you
knowing that we grow wiser with age, and stronger with time, I’m hoping I can borrow
these from you. I ask, show me the wisdom I use to bring all my desires to fruition, give
me the strength that carries me through my tumultuous trials, and maybe you can teach
me to have my vision more clear, my speech more audible, and my actions greater
defined, refined with intention.

At the moment I’m still far too reckless, perhaps I shall always be reckless, and that is
simply who I am. At the moment I haven’t quite learned the skill of appreciating the moment, perhaps beauty is forever fated to slip through my fingers, and I shall always be glancing over my shoulder at things that would’ve been, could’ve been.

We both know that I have a long journey ahead of me, so I ask, walk it with me cheering me on when I lose faith in myself, guiding me where I go astray, and continue to be my beacon of light especially when the days grow dark. If you can believe in me, as much as I believe in you, I know that we shall be alright, and we shall be able to be, do, and have all that our heart desires and our mind conceives.

Sincerely young, and foolish, you.

Words of a young man

Children are unquestionably the future.

I was taught to listen, which is why i find it hard to speak my part.

I was taught to obey, which is why it’s hard for me to rule the world, let alone myself.

I was taught to let fear make my decisions, which is why I am dominated by it.

I was taught that my imaginations aren’t real, which is why I realy can’t use my imagination to it’s full potential.

I was taught to give all my faith to someone else, which is why I barely have any in myself.

I was shown that there is a line, which is why I’m always trying to cross it.

I was taught how to give respect to others, but never how to gain respect from others.

I tried acting mature so I could chill with my big brother and cousin, but now I’m childish…maybe just so I can recall the feeling.

Worst of all, I was taught to judge, by bieng judged, therefore I judge and as much as I ask myself why I judge, I can never come to a justifieng answer.

For every action, there is a reaction.

We are one

Let us drop races,
raise up our faces
And speak beyond our social cages and say we are one.

Red-blooded, wide-eyed.
We bask beneath the same sun.
We all sing the same song,
In rhythm with our heart beats, we came from the same love.
Now let us profess that we are one.

That is how this race will be won,
If side by side, hand in hand we all run and our prize,
Will be the same love we came from.