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There is power in numbers…



If John has a shop and you buy bread from him at R20 five times a week…he is getting R100 from you every week.

If you do not buy for one day, he earns R80 rand from you (loses 20)

If two of you do this then instead of making R200, he is only getting R160 (loss 40)

If three of you do this then instead of making R300, he is making R240 (loss 60)

If four of you do this then instead of making R400, he is makingR320 (loss 80)

Do you now see that the more people join this campaign the more cellular networks will lose revenue? At some point they will have to budge. They rely on the naysayers to safeguard them from exploiting us. They need you to believe that this will never work. But this is simple maths guys. Capitalists work with numbers….there is…

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Well educated monkeys

The Epic vegan

In all it’s grandiose of purpose, the education system has come to fail us turning us into these well educated people capable of reproducing the most sophisticated of sciences, yet lack of the capacity to originate new thought.

Upon our initiation into the education system in the primary grades we were taught all of the fundamental basics to study, in what was to be the beginning of a lifetime of learning, or at least what should have been a lifetime of learning, where we were sadly sold short on the true purpose of learning. Yes we were taught the ABC’s, and the 123’s, but where did they come from, why are they arranged the way they are? In this completely authoritative manner we were taught all of these grand concepts, but never instilled with a sense of curiosity, or actual vested interest in the act of learning. We’re able to…

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Keep learning

Thee digital digest

True learning is a never ending pursuit. IT as an ever growing, ever dynamic industry is rarely lack of something new. What was relevant 20 years ago, has grown outdated today, and even still technology continues to develop something new every half-a-second. So believe that staying clued up can be a good idea, as a programmer.

Love to learn, because there’s always something new. If you ever get bored of Java, pick up some Csharp; if Ruby doesn’t do the trick for you, do CSS. IT is a huge industry still growing and with new technologies emerging every half a second. I’m not saying you have to learn the entire history, and syntax, of a coding language, that’s what textbooks and the internet are for, but at least go through a few tricks and trades of a language, and get the feel of it.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be…

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If love was a currency

if love was a currency, would you give some of it to a poor and lonely man with an empty heart seeking affection and attention, or would you only give it to your friends who are rich

If love was a currency, would you be willing to give some to save a life, give hope and try to give someone a new day or would you just expect others to do it instead

if love was a currency, would you give it all to the one you love, so you can share in each others affectionate wealth or would you just keep yours, take theirs and leave them dead broke and out in the cold alone with a nothing, but a forever scarred heart that will never love the same again.

if love was a currency, would you show off to the world how much you got like Oprah, or would you keep it to yourself so nobody ask you for any even though you got plenty

Now i’m not saying that money is love or that you should love money, but i’m simply asking, if love was a currency, would you be a kind billionare or a selfish bum

I’ve been thinking

My mind’s been working,
My thoughts been turning
And my logic’s been busy.
It all makes sense if you don’t use

It’s kinda funny.
I realised that people only put you down, because they wanna feel better about themselves, not because you deserve it or anything.
Bullies hit you with fist, after fist, after fist, because they can’t punch their issues, so they reach for you, don’t get it twisted, you ain’t weak, they just ain’t strong enough to turn to their problems.

It’s crazy really.
People hate you, cause they got so much hate built up and stored within them, so they gotta direct it all and vent it all on you. Their gonna tell you, you’ll never make it and that dreams will only and always stay like that, dreams. But it’s not cause that’s the reality of things, no, it’s cause they don’t want to fail alone, misery loves company you see.

In other words what I’m saying is, the problem was never within you, but the solution is. Don’t take it personal, because it never is. You were never tattood ‘hate’ on your forehead, they just had a lot of ammunition and you happpened to walk by.

I know it doesn’t make the problem any less big, but it does make the solution that much smaller. The undeniable truth is, the problem is not within you, but the solution is. They only attack you, to feel better about themselves, so all the chics hated on, guys beaten up and people pushed down, they just tryina make they problem yours.


Bartender, give me another glass of depression. Make it warm and thick. I want to enjoy every sip and every drop of it. They say misery loves company, but I prefer my depression, alone, in the ever so inviting, welcoming dark.

Depression, that bitter sweet taste that rivals even love itself. That sweet, tangy drink that warmthens and cremates my soul. Joy is a cold, thin drink, who’s taste fades as soon as it’s no longer on your tongue.

I want to be deaddrunk on depression, as it desecrates me in the sweetest way…

Let me be emersed in it, I surrender my every fibre and being, to that delectable drink. Let me drown in it, down to my very core. Let me drink glass, after glass, after glass until I am depression itself. It is that ever so warm blanket, in a crowd full of cold hearted bastards. That friend when no other is left. it is that noise that breaks the silence.

And with every sip of it I take, a sip of me it also, takes. Depression is my love. So Bartender bring me more and more. A toast, a toast to my troubles, to my fears and to this drink, crafted so well by those closest to you.

Depression, embrace me, for no one else will.

How it`s going

Something I wrote a few years back before I knew I was a writer:

I walk in the mist of hundreds, I see you far ahead and tell myself to turn back but my pride won’t listen. I get closer to you and wish to say hi, but I suddenly can’t speak, a mime put a wall between us. Hello but I’m too scared to because see, I’ve never been that good with words. I fear that if I say anything, my words will only add on to the universe already between you and me, nothing for my solar system to revolve around, with you gone. I trip over my words, I guess I just never find the right ones at the right time. I pass you in silence, wishing I didn’t have to ignore you but not really wanting to attract your attention either, cause I’m afraid your look will kill me…from where we were to where we are, I guess thats life. I risked it all then lost it all. Unexpected, unpredictable and as thick as your glasses can be, unclear. So this is where we are ugh? I suppose nothing ventured, nothing gained, but what is gaining a loss?…at the end of the day, maybe I made the best mistake I ever made. Like Romeo and Juliet I think it was in the stars cause I know it was too late in the beginning…is this ultimately the end or the rebirth, I can’t say, but what I can say is, I still don’t have the right words…

So convinced

Evernote RTE

Because I’m so convinced that I’m living my life the wrong way.
I keep focusing on the negatives, on the
how I should be doing it
how I could be doing it
how they were doing it
but never how I am doing it.
As if there was ever a wrong or right to it. We’re still trying to
put it all together.
This puzzle we’re piecing.
I’m always stressing and detesting this blessing
constantly looking over my shoulder waiting for the people
who’ve always been disagreeing with my every step to tell me
how wrong I am again.
I’ve been underestimating me, contemplating myself and second guessing I? I? I’ve been
stuck in this self-made illusion of defeat. Feeling like a lost cause
at every breath I take, Feeling like every move I make was a fatal mistake.
So poisoned in this: thought.
Forgive me if I fall.
Pardon my flawed character.
I apologize for my errors, to whoever I’m supposedly suppose to
apologize my being to.
Yes I was convinced that I’m not doing it right,
but let me do it
and let me be the judge of my ways.


You’re one in a million. No one out there in the world quite like you but not everyone understands that about themselves. I was a victim of self doubt.

It’s not always easy being you. People in your life pull you in multiple directions, preferring you to be a certain kind of way. Your Mom would like you gentle, your Dad would like you strong and your friends would like you crazy. Trying to keep up with the changing demands is almost impossible.

I thought it would be much easier to conform to the norm, but “fitting in” was not worth losing my true self. It was a journey to discover that.

Now I’ve decided to be comfortable in my own skin, to be the beautiful expression that I am, free from the chains of society and expectation. If people don’t like my true self, then that’s not my problem nor are those people I want in my life.

I understand that my character is flawed but its more rewarding to be my true flawed self than to be a perfect clone of society.