In front of the TV

We are generation brainwashed, it’s been lame watching you fool, thinking you cool when you actually just the tool that they used to build the stool they will tame you with, name with, shame you with. It’s a shame ain’t it, our minds painted with violence and corruption by the powers, all these hours in front of the screen as they tell what your life means. Got to get money by any means, when he say he successful what he really means: I sold my soul to the paper, burning paper cause I’m so cold. The problem’s so old, I’d think by now we’d start to think by now, the last train to freedom state probably left by now. Don’t you feel that you ain’t feeling what you should, don’t you think that you ain’t doing what you could. Locked up in our own minds, we even shut out the light, we closed the blinds.



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