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The art in Arcadia

Art is that thread which often strings us together, as the language we all speak, and a passion we all enjoy to share, so it is with no surprise that I found an art exhibit, and auction, nestling in away in the composed Arcadia community. If you keep your ear to the ground well enough, … Continue reading The art in Arcadia


#SocialMediaShutdown WE SURVIVED!!!

There is power in numbers…



If John has a shop and you buy bread from him at R20 five times a week…he is getting R100 from you every week.

If you do not buy for one day, he earns R80 rand from you (loses 20)

If two of you do this then instead of making R200, he is only getting R160 (loss 40)

If three of you do this then instead of making R300, he is making R240 (loss 60)

If four of you do this then instead of making R400, he is makingR320 (loss 80)

Do you now see that the more people join this campaign the more cellular networks will lose revenue? At some point they will have to budge. They rely on the naysayers to safeguard them from exploiting us. They need you to believe that this will never work. But this is simple maths guys. Capitalists work with numbers….there is…

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Presenting to you, Bumblebee! 🐝 — Words can’t fathom

Presenting Bumblebee! An initiative by a group of awesome bloggers to blow away the world of blogging, with a magazine. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Refer to this post. So here are those amazing bloggers who now make an integral part of the Bumblebee Team! Darshan Harsh Dewni Cheila Debbie Anish Anindya Kerine Chris … Continue reading Presenting to you, Bumblebee! 🐝 — Words can’t fathom

Well educated monkeys

The Epic vegan

In all it’s grandiose of purpose, the education system has come to fail us turning us into these well educated people capable of reproducing the most sophisticated of sciences, yet lack of the capacity to originate new thought.

Upon our initiation into the education system in the primary grades we were taught all of the fundamental basics to study, in what was to be the beginning of a lifetime of learning, or at least what should have been a lifetime of learning, where we were sadly sold short on the true purpose of learning. Yes we were taught the ABC’s, and the 123’s, but where did they come from, why are they arranged the way they are? In this completely authoritative manner we were taught all of these grand concepts, but never instilled with a sense of curiosity, or actual vested interest in the act of learning. We’re able to…

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Keep learning

Thee digital digest

True learning is a never ending pursuit. IT as an ever growing, ever dynamic industry is rarely lack of something new. What was relevant 20 years ago, has grown outdated today, and even still technology continues to develop something new every half-a-second. So believe that staying clued up can be a good idea, as a programmer.

Love to learn, because there’s always something new. If you ever get bored of Java, pick up some Csharp; if Ruby doesn’t do the trick for you, do CSS. IT is a huge industry still growing and with new technologies emerging every half a second. I’m not saying you have to learn the entire history, and syntax, of a coding language, that’s what textbooks and the internet are for, but at least go through a few tricks and trades of a language, and get the feel of it.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be…

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